Prestashop maintenance and upgrade, Prestashop developmentIt is a well-known fact that internet has a huge volume of daily users and that provides business websites, a chance to engage online users. To be more precise, we can say that internet provides the best opportunity to business owners to grab customers online. That is the reason that web developers are extremely busy in meeting the demand of, growing websites in the internet market. If you have a Prestashop website that lacks the wow-wee exclamation, we recommend making use of our Prestashop maintenance and upgrade service. Our Prestashop development team can deliver the best conversion solutions that can give a new meaning to any developed website. You can increase your impact with alluring appearances and conveying a sense of strong potential to your users.

With more than 5 years working with Prestashop, We (Prestashop Team) help your Prestashop website operating perfectly by optimizing all necessary elements of the website. Our maintenance and upgrade service includes upgrading your Prestashop website and modules to the latest Prestashop versions, reducing your Prestashop website loading time upto the lower extent, setting-up SEO and optimization, and making your website 100% mobile friendly. Prestashop Team also helps you to ensure all your Prestashop modules and features are working well as designed or build new advanced modules/features to your existing Prestashop website.

Upgrade your Prestashop website and modules to latest version

We are an experienced Prestashop team who can handle the matters for you in flawless manner. By keeping your Prestashop and its entire modules version up-to-date, you can enjoy the latest functions and features, fix bugs and remain protected against various security threats. We can say that you have no reason, to not to take advantage of our Prestashop maintenance and upgrade service. Prestashop Team makes sure that the right upgrade procedure is used to install the latest version. During the Prestashop upgrade all of the outdated modules are re-installed. This step helps in making the Prestashop website faster than ever before.

Speed up your website

One of the common reasons that tend customers to leave a website after very first time they visit, is its bad loading time. For a Prestashop website, you need to make sure its loading time is not exceeding than 5 seconds. If it’s higher than that estimated interval, call us!  During the Prestashop maintenance and upgrade service, we will check and optimize all elements on your Prestashop website to make sure it’s running at highest speed that your server actual configuration allows. Another reason for speeding up your Prestashop website is its specific feature that improves your website rank on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing… So this is the important thing you need to do in order to attract more online customers.

SEO setup and optimization

There are so many reasons to consider Prestashop as a perfect platform to build an Ecommerce website. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of those reasons! Prestashop itself provides all basic things you need to build a SEO friendly website, such as friendly URL, sitemap, robots.txt file, Meta keywords, Meta title, and Meta description…

Well! They are all good to be true, but they are not 100% enough to help your website become #1 on Google… so surely you need us! In our Prestashop maintenance and upgrade service, we will carefully check and ensure all basic SEO setups are correctly implemented. We also implement advanced SEO settings and optimization such as HTML tags optimization, keywords optimization, Google validation and other related settings.

Making your website mobile friendly

Everyone knows that according to current users’ requirements and demands, all websites must be mobile friendly; this has become mainly important as most of people are browsing websites on their smart phones, tablets or other mobile devices with internet connection. If your Prestashop website is not mobile friendly, you need to make it happen, this is vital. Our prestashop developers with many years experience of building responsive websites are here to help you to achieve it. We will make changes to your un-responsive website and make it 100% mobile friendly so that your website can be displayed perfectly on all devices.

We make sure all your Prestashop modules and features are working properly

During Prestashop maintenance and upgrade process, our Prestashop developers make sure that the system runs in a smooth manner, all Prestashop modules and features will be checked and ensured they are 100% working as how they should be. If we see any bugs with your modules and features we will fix them immediately to make sure this doesn’t affect your online customers. We are also able to build new advanced modules/features to your Prestashop website, to make it a most powerful website for your business.

Get hold of some interesting and valuable Prestashop maintenance and upgrade facilities that help your online store become more successful, secure and swift. Simply, contact us through our online contact form and let us help you in a way you really need. We are online 24/7 to provide you with our best services.