This Prestashop video tutorial shows you how to install Prestashop step by step. It would be helpful for those who just start with Prestashop to build their own online store.

Quick guide (full guide of the installation process is presented in the video):

– Step 1: Download Prestashop (latest version) to your computer.

Visit Prestashop website:, you’ll see button “Download now”, click on it and download the zip file to your computer.

– Step 2: Extract the zip file (at step 1) to your computer (or your hosting server)

– Step 3: Create a database that will be used for our Prestashop website and take note of your database details (username, password…)

– Step 4: Install Prestashop

This is easy step, just follow the steps Prestashop shows on your screen:

  1. Choose your language. This is the first step, you can choose any language that you want to use on your website
  2. License agreements: Read License agreements and click on checkbox “I agree to the above terms and conditions.”
  3. System compatibility: check and make sure your hosting configuration is all compatible with Prestashop.
  4. Store Information: Enter your store information
  5. System configuration: Enter your database information
  6. Just sit back and wait until the installation process is finished


– Delete installation folder: You need to delete folder “install” after finishing the Prestashop installation process.

– Rename administration folder: Look for folder “admin” and rename it to any name you want (try to use a secure name)